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Daily Sprays

Click on this link to search through the different daily sprays we offer online. We carry the Ultra CZ, Sleep, E-Cell, Boost, Brain, Core Keto, and Trim-365 sprays in-store.

Ear Seeds

We carry Ear Seed for Back Pain & Sciatica, Acne, Depression, Eyes & Vision, Anxiety, Post-Trauma, Menopause, Memory, Stress, Weight Loss, Postpartum, Insomnia, and Stop Smoking.


Compression pajamas that shape the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The hyaluronic acid in them are good through 100 washes. We are the only carrier in West Texas and the only carrier in Texas that has plus size.

Aromatherapy bracelets, necklaces, and earrings

Place drops of essential oils on the jewelry to accomplish a variety of goals. We offer essential oils and mixes to help with focusing, depression, anxiety, calming, and more.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Send good ions into the air & pull out negative ions. They also help purify and deodorize the air.

Oil diffusers

Put smells in the air that help achieve a specific mood. We offer a variety of sizes from travel size to stationary size.

Kinesio Tape

For each specific area of the body, including knee, ankle, neck, shoulder, upper back, elbow, wrist, calf & arch, hamstring, and hip.

Posture Pump

For neck and upper back or for full back helps with posture.

Infrared Light Therapy

For most parts of the body, including feet, hands/wrist, neck, elbows, knees, back, face, hip, and shoulder. Light Therapy helps with pain management, inflammation, neuropathy, and more.

Cellulite leggings

Spa Wraps

Blue light acne treatment

Cellulite leggings

Spa Wraps

Blue light acne treatment

Red light face lift treatment


Body brush with massage nodes

Stress balls and hand exercise balls

C-shape Pregnancy Pillows

Mini Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

Various vitamins and supplements

Bath bombs


Essential oil inhalers, roll-ons, and creams for anxiety, depression, pain, skin conditions, face/acne, calming, uplifting, and more. Learn more here.

Tell us your concerns, and we can recommend a specific product to help!

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