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Alice Davis 

San Angelo's Wellness Center

Here at Touch of Life in San Angelo, TX, we know the effect simple daily life can have on the body and mind. From relaxation to therapeutic, to medical. We have the skills and experience to relieve those tired muscles and get you back into functioning and moving in your daily life, without pain!


Whether muscle pain is causing you daily misery or you simply need a relaxing massage to restore comfort and movement, our treatments will have you good as new in no time. Our experienced therapists will ease both mind and body, and leave you ready to face another day energized and pain-free. Call today and book an appointment and you will be one step closer to a better quality of life!


Medical Massage

therapeutic massage

specialty massage

cryo Therapy

Salts Massage

Where recovery is the focus

With over 40 years of experience servicing the San Angelo, TX area since 2006, we, here at Touch of Life Massage, are rated among the very best in massage treatment. From therapeutic therapy to medical massages, we have the professional staff and expertise to relieve all your stress or injury-related muscle issues. Our massages will leave you feeling relieved, energized, and ready for another day.


Your satisfaction and well-being are our goal here at Touch of Life. We know how painful muscles can be debilitating and frustrating, so we are here to help. Our variety of traditional and therapeutic massage therapies will renew your spirit, soothe your body, and ease your mind. Call us today and book an appointment! 

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